LLLavender Lovers’s Living Room is THE destination to learn about essential oils. What you learn here is going to shift your thinking about living a healthy lifestyle 180 degrees – in other words, it is going to ROCK your world!! Essential oils changed my life and my family’s life – it made a Lavender Lover out of me! I can’t wait to share with you what these AMAZING oils can do! You’ll love Essential Oils so much they’ll make a Lavender Lover out of you too! You can bet on it!

So who are we and how did we get here? Here are three stories for you to see how amazing and wonderful and REAL this whole essential oils thing is – we are REAL people with REAL experiences! These oils are a true gift that came to each of us in different ways–what we all have in common is how they have changed our lives, our family’s lives and our friend’s lives – for this reason we could NOT keep quiet! We have to SHARE what we experienced! So, we put our heads together and thought about the best way to get everyone we could tell this AMAZING information and Lavender Lover’s Living Room was born. Our goal is that what we share is simple, easy and has a SUPER positive effect on YOU! Here in the Living Room you are our guest – we are focused on you and your experience. We invite you to use this site as a resource to learn, grow, share and become the best you can be. So, sit back RELAX, and ENJOY the experience!

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So, how did I get here? It is a simple yet, exciting story that changed our family’s life 6 years ago.  I have three children and at the time of my introduction to these FABULOUS oils, our kids were pretty young, ages 10, 7, and 5.  They all went to swimming lessons at a local university.  There was a silent threat in the changing rooms of the pool facility that neither the university, nor the school, nor I were aware: MRSA. Unfortunately, two of our three children were soon diagnosed with MRSA. When the sores first appeared on our two older children, we sought the help of the routine treatment. What happened next was much bouncing back and forth of healing and reinfection of the sores between our two oldest children.

Then, in the midst of all the MRSA chaos, my son had a scrape on his shoulder.  At a doctor appointment, I asked her to look at the spot.  She said, “That’s MRSA.”  I was at my wits END!!

CynthiaBPortraitsmThen, my doctor friend said she had an oil that was suppose to be super supportive to the immune system and asked if I wanted to try it. I said I would, because at this point – I would try ANYTHING! She put a few drops on the scrape, it stung so then she put a couple drops of Lavender oil on the scrape and the stinging went away.  She gave me the rest of the bottle and told me to reapply 3 times per day until the oil ran out.  I applied the oil one more time that night and PRAYED that it would work!  And do you know what?? The next morning the scrape started to look better!!  In 5 days, the SCRAPE WAS GONE!  I went back to my doctor friend and said, “What was that!?! I want it!!  That day I went home and became a member and it was one of the BEST decisions of my life (aside from marrying my husband, and deciding to have our three children)!!


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I was having panic attacks and a lot of anxiety, when I was getting an adjustment one day at the chiropractor.  She had just learned about essential oils, and she gave me four little vials to try.  I tried them and liked the smell – I’ve never been big on pharmaceuticals and I love plant-based options – but honestly a few dabs here and there didn’t seem like much change.  Then a family member accidentally threw my oils away.

Well, lucky for me Young Living made a visit to where I live and I decided I wanted to try them more.  I got the starter kit and began using them.  Because my nervous system was out of balance, and on the acidic side, it may have taken a little longer for me to feel results.  But I wanted to work through my emotional baggage and do it in healthy, natural ways.  So I kept at it.

Amy Head DShotFor the past three years, I’ve felt so much better and I’ve shared what I’ve learned with my family, friends and clients in therapy.  You don’t have to be a therapist to effectively use the oils though.  And that’s another thing I love about them.  They work, and there are simple ways to become educated and learn more.  Now Young Living oils and products are part of my business.  They’ve changed my life emotionally, physically and financially.  What a blessing!  I’m thankful to have gone to YL’s School of Nature’s Remedies, Convention and other great trainings they’ve had.  The farm!  Love it!  So happy to be in the Lavender Lover’s Living Room with you too:)



Mark Name TagHi, I’m Mark.

I’ve wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and worked on exercise and eating well.  Young Living Essential Oils is part of my every day wellness regime! I use StressAway and Peace & Calming Blends to help alleviate occasional stress. I have found Thieves Blend is excellent for supporting the immune system when it is stressed. I use Marjoram oil and Aroma Life blend to support healthy blood pressure.  Peppermint oil and M-grain blend are my go to oils to soothe discomfort due to minor aches.

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