IMG_8806Hi, I’m Amy. My favorite oil from the Young Living Everyday Oils Kit is Frankincense!

I grew up in the middle of America, in the woods.  My dad raised nursery shrubs for awhile; I hoed weeds around them as a wee lass.  My church was high in a tree, and my fascination with the clouds and weather formed back then too.

As I’ve learned to go inward and love myself, using essential oils seemed only right.  After a few neurotic decades of always looking outside myself for answers and help, it was little bottles of essential oils that re-directed my compass of love inward…teaching me to pay attention to my own needs and learn to balance myself as promptly as possible.

I value my life, my health, and my self.  So aromatherapy and using essential oils is one of the best investments in self-love and self-care I can make.  Won’t you join me?

Amy is Owner and Chief Emotional Wellbeing Officer of Amy Williams Wellness

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