CynthiaB1_2_2Hi, I’m Cynthia. My favorite oil from the Young Living Everyday Oils Kit is Lavender!

My family consists of my incredible husband, John and our three children; our 16 and 14 year old daughters, Julia & Anna, and our son Ned, eleven. We also have an extended animal family: Sassy and Alibi are our horses, Winnie is our super-energetic Aussie dog, Abbey is our “lion-cat” and we have six “ladies” that lay fresh eggs for us all year long!

I use essential oils for everything. Once I decided to try them and saw how effective they are, I just kept trying the oils every time something came up that needed a solution. My family uses them for aches and pains that come from exercise, to help alleviate nausea, to help us relax, and to promote feelings of well-being. We also use them for cleaning and disinfecting, we use them for all our personal care needs, animal care needs, our kids only need routine doctor’s care, and, as a family, our quality of life has improved dramatically!

I LOVE the oils so much, I often wonder if I were stranded on an island which 3 oils I would be most grateful to have with me.  Definitely Lavender, Thieves, & Frankincense! Oh and I can’t forget Valor – (ok, I know it said only three oils, but I couldn’t live without all four!) If there was one thing I could do if I knew I could not fail it would be to improve the over-all quality of life of every human being on the earth. (Too idealistic, you say? I did say  “if I knew I could not fail.”)

Cynthia is a full-time entrepreneur, wife, mother and confirmed YL oil junkie!

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