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LLOk, now that you have decided to delve into the the WONDERFUL world of essential oils, you would probably like a little info on how we use these little gems!  I remember when I made one of the best decisions in my life (aside from marrying my husband and deciding to have children) – the day I decided to join Young Living as a member–and my kit arrived! It was like my birthday!!  I was so excited to get inside the kit and get the oils out and start using them! Right off the bat, I had what seemed like a thousand questions!  Here is the place to get some of those questions answered, right out of the gate!


First, let me say that the ways we use oils is based on the fact that we use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  This is IMPORTANT, because we can not vouch for the purity of any other oils on the market, PLEASE do not use oils from a natural food store or anywhere else in the way we use Young Living oils – when we talk about “the oils” we are ONLY speaking of Young Living oils. We would never use other oils topically (on the skin), to diffuse or ingest, EVER! When you have had the BEST, everything else pales in comparison.  Another important point – if you are under the care of a physician,  talk with them about what you are using and partner together to find the best plan of care for you.  If you are pregnant or nursing, many of the oils and products are safe and effective – STILL, check in with your doctor.

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff – How to use the oils so you can start feeling their fabulousness, right NOW!  There are three ways we use oils: we diffuse them, apply them topically, and/or ingest them.

Let’s talk diffusion first:

mn4WC1zriJNDXfWP8OC2gLQWhen you diffuse Young Living Essential oils, you are inhaling  them directly through the olfactory system (nose), which then sends therapeutic benefits of the oil to the brain. More specifically,  to parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels and hormone balance.  A diffuser will take an essential oil and break it down into micro molecules and project them into the air making them just the right size to be easily inhaled by the nose to provide all kinds of GOODNESS. We have experienced amazing results from diffusing essential oils.  And the studies have shown that depending upon the oils you diffuse, you may experience relaxation, alertness, motivation to name just a few of the benefits.

There were some studies done at Weber State University showing the killing power of Thieves blend against airborne microorganisms. One study showed a 90% reduction in the number of gram positive Micrococcus luteus organisms after diffusing for 12 minutes. After 20 minutes of diffusing, the kill rate jumped to 99.3%. Another study against gram negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa showed a kill rate of 99.96% after just 12 minutes of diffusion.

So, you may be asking yourself, “What kind of diffuser should I buy?”  The one pictured to the left is our recommendation.  It is the Young Living Home Diffuser. When you become a member and purchase the Premium Starter Kit, you will get this diffuser for FREE. This is a TOTALLY AWESOME value because the home diffuser retails at $95  and is $75 wholesale. This diffuser gets the job done and to get it for FREE with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit – what more can you ask for?



Topical-application-of-young-living-essential-oils Topical Application:

A lot of people are not aware that your skin is the largest organ of your body.  So, applying essential oils directly on your skin is a great way to use them. Essential oils can be applied to almost any area of the skin on the body – there are, however,  more “sensitive” areas, that are best avoided when considering where to apply your oils. We suggest starting with the temples (avoiding the eyes and the area around them), forehead, wrists, behind ears, back of the neck. When we have an upset tummy, we apply peppermint to the stomach. When we have occasional, minor back pain, we apply PanAway to the back. When we feel run down, we apply Lavender on the chest. Obviously we don’t apply oils to all of those places at one time, usually 1-4 drops on one area will do the trick. Because we have found that each little drop of oil has a powerfully potent effect, we are big believers in starting with just one drop at first.  Then, once you have an idea of the effect of that one drop, apply more, if needed.  Not sure where to apply an oil? The bottom of the feet is always a safe bet. Many people do not know that the bottom of the feet are innervated with thousands of nerve endings that, when stimulated by the oil being applied, transport the benefit of the that oil to every cell of the body in just about 20 minutes! Now that is FAST relief!!

We often apply oils “neat”.  “Neat” just means we are applying the essential oil directly to our skin surface without mixing that essential oil with a fatty oil.  When we apply oils directly to our skin, we just drip a drop of the essential oil into the palm of our hand and rub it on the area that needs attention. There are, however, some oils that it is better to use a fatty oil (aka carrier oil) mixed in with the essential oil before applying directly to the skin.  The label of each bottle will tell you whether or not you need a carrier oil. Always read your label before applying your oils. Carrier oils are as easy to find as in your kitchen pantry.   In a pinch you can use expeller-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.  We use a carrier oil specially formulated by Young Living for the purpose of mixing with essential oils. It is called V6 massage oil.  We prefer V6 because  we are assured of its purity and it is safe enough to apply to the skin and ingest.  If you need to purchase a carrier oil locally,  your local natural/organic food store will have a good quality carrier oil in their “cooking” section.  

Wonder how much of your carrier oil to mix with your essential oil?  The label on the essential oil bottle will tell you how much you need.  For example, on a bottle of peppermint oil,  it will say “1 drop of peppermint to 4 drops of V6″.   It is always good to test a small spot of your skin to see how you respond. If your skin becomes irritated, all you have to do is put more carrier oil on your skin and wipe off both oils with a cloth. What a lot of people don’t know is that most of the skin and beauty products on the market have all kinds of chemicals/toxins in them (I know . . YUCK!). When essential oils are applied to the same skin that has had those skin and beauty products used on it, the oils act in a way that they help rid the body of the bad stuff.  AND the fastest way the body has to remove toxins is through the skin–thus an irritation can occur.  So, it is good to keep in mind that if your skin does have a flair up–it is most commonly the oil reacting with the bad stuff and NOT a reaction to the oils.

Important, it is not necessary to premix your essential oils with a carrier oil.  In fact, it is better not to premix. The reason is that if you keep your essential oil bottle lids closed tightly, they last a VERY long time.  Fatty oils or carrier oils can go bad or rancid and because you only need one drop of an essential oil to get a BIG and WONDERFUL result, the carrier oil will go rancid long before you use up you entire bottle of the premixed oils.  When we are using an oil that needs a carrier oil mixed with it, we just put a drop of essential oil in our hand and add the number of drops of carrier oil recommended, and apply.


Ingesting essential oils:

lemonoilswaterIngesting Young Living Essential Oils (ONLY Young Living, PLEASE) may seem a little extreme, but once you understand how safe and easy it is you will be dripping drops under your tongue and taking oil-filled capsules in no time! First, the safety factor:  As stated above, Young Living Essential Oils are Therapeutic Grade which means the seed sowed, the climate the plant has been chosen to be grown in, the time of harvesting the plant and the way the plant has been distilled are all based upon what the therapeutic effect of the oil derived from that plant will be.  In addition to the incredible care to make sure that what you get in that FABULOUS little bottle of oil does what it is suppose to do, there is an extra safety factor added to each bottle of essential oil that will tell you if you can ingest that particular oil or not: the label.  When you get your oils, peel back the label on your lavender oil bottle where it says “Peel here” and the underlying label will show a chart titled “Supplement Facts”.  The presence of this chart means lavender essential oil has been deemed safe to ingest.

Now to how easy and (and DELICIOUS) ingesting oils can be:

Our favorite way to ingest Young Living Essential Oils is to add them to our water.  Some of us like to even add them to sparkling water.  Lemon and orange are favorite additions.  It is very important to only use glass or food grade pottery  cups/mugs –remember, essential oils draw out the bad stuff, other types of cups or mugs are made with the bad stuff. You don’t want to be drinking those in you water, do you?? Please, use glass or food grade pottery! If you are looking for a durable and convenient glass water bottle, we LOVE these water bottles, by Life Factory. However, we don’t recommend you use the bottle with the silicone straws when adding essential oils to your water– (see above comment about the bad stuff.)

You can also add your oils to tea or hot water.  We add lemon oil and honey to hot water for a warm throat soother.  We add grapefruit oil to cool water for a refreshing summer drink.  We even make peppermint oil ice cubes to add to lemonade and/or water for an EXTRA COOLING effect on  hot summer days. We even make an extremely effective combination out of oils and honey that supports the respiratory system! Another way we ingest oils is by putting a drop of oil on a piece of bread and eating it.  We also drip a drop under our tongue or place a drop on our finger and rub it on the inside of your cheek for a quick effect.

Another way to ingest oils is to put them in capsules.  We think this is the easiest way, quite frankly.  The capsule you use needs to be size 00.  If you are a Young Living Member you can purchase capsules through your account or you can buy vegetable capsules at most natural food stores, like Whole Foods.  They are much less expensive for the amount you get, if you buy them through Young Living. Since most of us ingest at least one oil-filled capsule a day, we like Young Living’s pricing.  The capsules are easy to fill– you just pull them apart and put the suggested amount of essential oil and carrier oil( V6) in the larger half of the capsule. Then put the other half of the capsule on the top, smush them together gently until there is a seal. Viola! You have a capsule filled with essential oil ready to be taken with a swallow of water.  Be sure to refer to the essential oil bottle or one of the Essential Oils Reference guides to know how much oil to mix in with the carrier oil in your capsule.  We typically put the amount of oil suggested by the label on the bottle in the capsule and then fill the rest with V6. Just remember the label on your essential oil bottle is your guide and you will be just fine.

See,  wasn’t that was easy?!








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