My journey into essential oils began back in 2009.  My friend, Amy Williams, suggested I see a chiropractor who might be able to help me with an emotional issue.  So I did (a year later!).  She applied oils and that issue never reared it’s head again.  Seriously!  Now you would think that would make a believer out of me, but no.  Took me almost a whole year before I enrolled!

I started going to meetings and over time learned more about the oils.  More importantly, I took a good look around me.  And I liked what I saw!  Compassionate, caring folks who wanted to help others.  Bingo!  I was in and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Healthwise, happiness-wise and friend-wise!  And my kids and their families…they all use the oils.  When my little grandaughter gets hurt, she says, ‘Put a oil on it.’  I love Young Living and the change it has made in our lives!

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