share the love

LLSo, now you have fallen in love with the oils. We knew that would happen!

If you are like us, now you can’t keep quiet about the oils and want to tell everyone from your next door neighbor to your friendly grocery store clerk about these little beauties! You may be asking yourself: How do I share the love?  Well, we’re glad you asked: here are easy ways that we have learned to share our love of oils so that people WANT to hear about them.



 Easy Steps to Share your Love of Oils:

1. First memorize your member number (That crazy odd number given to you by Young Living when you enrolled).  Memorizing your number will give you the ability to log in hassle free to the Young Living Website to check on your orders, learn new information that is shared only with YL members and get insider info on promotions–can you say FREE product?!  Knowing your member number off the top of your head will also come in very handy when you are sharing the love because those who you share with will want to order–we guarantee it! The only way they can order is if they become a member and in order to do that, they will need another member’s number: yours!

2. Become familiar with a wonderful little document called Heart Centered Sharing.  This is a fantastic guide to sharing the love compiled by Vicki Opfer.  It is written so that you can offer all the information included in it or just a few minutes of the info she offers.  We LOVE it and think it is a FABULOUS way to share the love! To get your own copy of Heart Centered Sharing, contact your favorite Lavender Lover.

3. Start putting oils on yourself. When people around you start smelling the fabulousness of the oils and seeing how radiant and happy you are, believe us, they will be asking you about them! Because we let other people see and feel our love, they can’t keep from asking us about what we are doing!

4. Schedule a time to get together. All those people who ask you about what you are doing are going to want more information (this is when Heart Centered Sharing comes in handy)! You can get together in groups (parties are always fun!) Or you can meet with people one-on-one. It really doesn’t matter as long as you get the information to them that they are asking to have. The BEST part of this step (and our personal favorite reason to share the love) is meeting so many amazing people!

5. Listen.  I know, totally obvious, but you’d be surprised how a little bit of love will get your mouth turned on and yours ears turned off.  Trust us, we have all “over-shared” on one occasion or another and it didn’t really end up sharing the love with anyone.  So, ask your people about them. . .their family, their job, their pets, their hobbies and then take an interest in what they tell you.  You’d be surprised how many people are suffering and the oils can really help them.

6. Share the love.  This is the part we like the BEST!  Once you have listened, you will know which oils to offer them from the information they have shared with you. This is your opportunity to personalize what the oils can do for THEM. There is no greater show of love then being able to offer wanted assistance to another.

7. Show them how to become a member. They won’t get any benefit from the love you have shared if they can’t purchase the oils.  You can direct them to this website and the “become a member” page. Or you can walk them through the enrollment process one-on-one. Either way, be sure you give them the personalized enrollment link that was given to you by your favorite Lavender Lover when you became a member.

8. Connect your new members with our amazing community of YL oil users. Make yourself available to your new member and Lavender Lover. They will likely have questions when their kit arrives and their is no better way to get those questions answered than staying connected with them and connecting them to our community.  Let them know that  ALL Lavender Lovers are fortunate enough to be eligible to become members of two private Facebook oil groups with a combined membership of over 1,000 committed oil users. These people know their oils, how to use them and are delighted to share their knowledge and know how.  Your new Lavender Lover is not a Facebook user? No worries, that is one reason we created this website: we want anyone and everyone who wants to know more about oils and to be a part of an incredible community of people to be connected. Have them fill out our “Contact Page” and we will make sure they get connected and stay connected.

See, sharing the love is as easy as taking a a quick sniff of lavender!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact either Cynthia, Amy, Pam or Mark.  Any one of us will be glad to assist you!

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