Your 1st 30 Days

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Woohoo! Your Premium Starter Kit has just arrived in the mail!!

“But, wait” you ask, “What do I do first??”

We get asked this question all the time and thought it might be helpful to offer you a bit of guidance to get you going :)  What follows is your step-by-step guide to getting the most value out of your Premium Starter Kit:

Step 1:  If you haven’t done it already, go to the “become a member” page on this website and enroll as a wholesale member with the Premium Starter Kit.  It’s easy and you will be so glad you made the leap towards greater wellness in your life–we know it!


Step 2: When your box arrives in the mail from Young Living, OPEN THE BOX–please! We have found that sometimes when we contact people to see how they like their oils and how they are feeling, they tell us they haven’t even opened the box–can you imagine?!? We want everyone who orders a kit to get started using and loving their oils right away, otherwise what is the value of ordering it–right??


Step 3: Explore what is inside your box.  In the box from Young Living you will find your diffuser, the Everyday Oils Kit and another smaller box which will have 1 oil (Citrus Fresh) a roller ball fitment (to put on the oil bottle of your choice for easy glide on topical application) 2, 2 oz packs of Ningxia Red, some oil samples (to use for travel or to share with friends) and lots of fabulous information about oils, the company and the business opportunity.  If you have ordered the Premium Starter Kit and any of the items listed above are missing from your box, call Young Living Customer service right away at: (800) 371-3515


Step 3: Once you have unpacked your box–so much fun, right?!?– get all your oils out and line them up, then go through them and apply 1 drop of each of the 11 oils, right then and there.  You can put them on your wrists, the back of your neck, your abdomen, the bottoms of your feet–just get them on you. I know it sounds extreme, but we assure you that if you apply them according to the directions on the bottle and using our “how we use oils” page as your guide, you’ll not only do just fine, but you’re going to feel a difference right away!  If you are more of a hang-back-dive-in-slowly kind of person, then commit to, at least, opening each bottle and smelling them.  Or, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, try using each of the 11 oils at least 1 time throughout the day. The difference you will feel just in this first day will bring you back to use them the next day and the day after that and the day after that!!


Step 4: Now that you are smelling FANTASTIC and feeling GREAT, commit to using 1-2 drops of each of the 11 oils, everyday for 30 days!  When you commit to this 30 day oil routine, you are also committing to a routine of self-care and greater overall wellness AND who could’t use more of those 2 things in their life??


Step 5: Remember we told you would have 2, 2 oz packets of Ningxia Red in your box–drink one of those.  Go ahead, we know it has a funny name, but really, it taste great and the benefits far outweigh the great taste!  READ HERE to find out more about Ningxia Red. Once you have tasted it and read about it, we are sure you’ll want to continue drinking it–which leads us to step 6:


Step 6: Drink 2 oz Ningxia Red everyday for 30 days.  The best way to do this is go ahead and get started with Essential Rewards. The Essential rewards program is just that, a rewards program.  Everytime you order you earn product credits to spend on your favorite Young Living Products, or on wish list items. The great thing is that for heavier items (like liquids, such as Ningxia Red) Essential Rewards, has a flat shipping rate so you get the best value on shipping PLUS you earn product credits–it’s a fabulous program that we Lavender Lovers highly recommend–especially if you fall in love with Ningxia Red, like we have :) READ HERE to learn more about Young Living’s Essential Rewards program.


Step 7: Pay ATTENTION to how you feel physically, your mood and how you respond to your environment over the next 30 days.  You may notice that issues that have been hanging on for quite sometime resolve or that your energy level increases or that you feel  greater mental fortitude–these are just some of the results we have noticed and that have been shared with us from those who follow the above steps.  If you like to journal, write them down, and feel free to share with us how you GREAT you feel–we LOVE feedback!


Step 8:  MOST importantly, ENJOY how wonderful you feel, CELEBRATE the gift you are giving yourself–YOU DESERVE IT!!


Step 9:  When you feel great at the end of 30 days! Make a promise to yourself that you won’t keep how great you feel a secret.  Share what you are doing with anyone and everyone you know.  These oils and Ningxia Red are incredible gifts that anyone can benefit from–share the wealth!


Step 10: (Optional) If you decide you would like to earn a” thank you” check from Young Living for referring your friends, family, etc. –for those who want to feel FANTASTIC, like you do –Enroll them! (1. go to and read the “Share The Love” tab. 2. Get your Lavender Lovers enrollment link 3. Give the the link and the website address,, to the person who wants to feel as great as you do  and tell them to click on the “become a member” tab and read and follow the directions–it’s that easy!)  AND –if you are not interested in earning extra income, feel free to refer them to one of the Lavender Lover Leaders and one of us will get them started feeling GREAT,  like you do!!

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